We are looking to expand

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We are looking to expand

Post by HL Darth on Thu Jan 28, 2016 6:35 pm

Our teamspeak is currently hosted with 75 slots. This is a bit tiny compared to other servers obviously. We are looking to expand sooner or later. Most likely sooner. Now you're probably wondering, what's the point?

Well here's what EXPANDING brings:

  • Bigger tournaments
  • Bigger prizing
  • Bigger community
  • Bigger bigging
  • Better website
  • More opportunity to host bigger community events.

Obviously expansion brings in more options. We here at Highlight Gaming are looking to expand. Now obviously, we need more people to expand and if our limit is 75 that's not helping us grow.

So how can YOU help? Well first off, post in this forums. Discuss ideas about our teamspeak, tell us what we can do better. Tell us what you'd like to see, and tell us what you like about us already.

Hell, talk about anything teamspeak related here. Maybe if you know any tech suave stuff, share it with us! Let us know anything teamspeak here!

How more can you help?

Well if you're really a good soul and want to be that way, you can DONATE. All donations towards the community go TOWARDS the community only. All donations are immensely appreciated and will be rewarded.

How can you donate?

Any donations to the Highlight Gaming's paypal or my personal paypal will be helpful. No price is too little, no price is too much. (Don't give us a freakin' small loan of a million dollars..) All donations are again, thanked for greatly.

Another way to give back to the server is to purchase a room! We have VIP rooms on the teamspeak which come with an icon of your choice and the right to grant your icon to anyone you please. These rooms are currently priced at $10 USD. This payment can be made to our paypal again. If this interests you, talk to a admin on the teamspeak server. Or join the "purchase a vip room" channel.

So far these are the only two options we have for members to donate towards our teamspeak. We will come up with more interesting and helpful ideas as we grow older.

Thank you for consideration of reading this sticky.
HL Darth

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