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Post by HL Darth on Thu Jan 28, 2016 6:44 pm

Don't worry. No seriously, stop worrying.

All updates to the community will constantly be posted here. Fear not, we will always keep you guys in the information circle.

Anything we decide to do to the community applies to well, the community. So again, WORRY NOT. We will always bring you information on anything new, old, passing by, trying out, or even an idea.

But Darth. I love you. I want to serve you. I WANT TO HELP THE COMMUNITY WITH MY IDEAS.

Sure babes. Just make a new topic and name your topic along the lines of "Community idea" or just name it your idea. Give us a nice reading and we'll even consider it. We'll always contact people back if they have ideas, hopefully good ones. I thank everyone who want to be intertwined within the community and want to help out even if they're not in a staff position. Thank you all for making HL Gaming, well, a highlight of a community.

Let's make this community great together, and remember, to make EVERY game a highlight!
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